'What an amazing groomer Zoe is, I couldn't be happier with the service and my dog looks really smart.'

- Kate, Dotty's mum

Grooming Is SO much more than hairdressing for Dogs

We LOVE a beautiful haircut, but nothing puts a smile on our faces like a happy Dog!

Your Dog's physical wellbeing and emotions are equally important, and we look after both.

About us...

With ten years of Dog Training experience behind us

We are the first fear free certified, holistic & welfare led Grooming Salon in the North East of England & Yorkshire

Our mission is that no dog ever feels pain or fear while being groomed
We believe in kindness, raising industry standards & empowering owners to care for their dogs
Putting the dog at the heart of grooming

The Happy Dog Club

Our monthly grooming club gives you peace of mind that your dog is as healthy and comfortable as possible!

Because monthly care is best for your dog.

Teeth and ear cleaning, nail trimming, as well as regular baths for healthy skin & shiny coats are essential for ALL dogs.


The first six months of a dogs life are the most formative time in their development.  

Getting ready for a lifetime of happy grooming starts in puppyhood.

Introducing grooming carefully means your puppy will never be afraid of going to the groomers.

Sensitive Dogs

Some dogs need a little extra tender loving care.

We keep special appointments for our elderly dogs, reactive and sensitive dogs, and those who have already had a worrying experience in a grooming salon. 


Because we put ourselves in your dogs shoes every step of the way.

There are many things in the grooming salon that dogs find scary. From being left with a stranger, to noisy equipment.

We know that each dog is an individual and find ways to work with you and your dog to keep them as happy as possible in our care.